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Because The Bridge Community platform is NOT a closed social network it is not available to any under aged children.

What Does This Mean?

Throughout this site you will have use of many rich features such as blogging, files and photos etc these are the corner stones to any modern social network platform. Creating connections and sharing what is important to you with those connection. When you want to use a feature of the site to share something with your connection you will be able to select an access level for your activities witch in turn allows you to set who can view that content with the following Access levels, Private, Friends, Logged in users and Public.

As the groups names above suggests you decide who can view your activities weather they are your direct connection or post to public witch means anyone can view the activity weather they are logged in or not.

Now that you have an account on The Bridge Community Platform you will be able to share your online profile with anyone simply by providing your profile web address. This address can be copied by clicking on your profile icon once your profile page opens simply copy the URL of the page. Below is an example of my profile.


Please comment if you have any questions.

    Taner Temel

    Taner Temel

    The Bridge Operations manager.

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